About Studio Parella

[e]Studio. (Del lat. studĭum)
1- Esfuerzo que pone el entendimiento aplicándose a conocer algo. / The activity or process of learning about something 
2- Obra en que un autor estudia y dilucida una cuestión. / An organized experiment in which many things are looked at. 
3- Lugar de trabajo de un artista o profesional liberal. / The building or room where an artist works. 
4- Aplicación, maña, habilidad con que se hace algo. / The ability to do something that comes from training, experience, or practice. 
5- Boceto preparatorio para una obra pictórica o escultórica. / An artistic work that deals with a particular subject and that is done especially to prepare for a larger work.

Illustration + Video
3d Models + Render + Animation 
Digital Drawing
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